Nutriquine and EHS join forces: Pegasus Holding

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Nutriquine and EHS join forces: Pegasus Holding


Female CEO can count on the support of We are Jane

April 7, 2023 - In Pegasus Holding, the Belgian companies Nutriquine and European Horse Services join forces with investment company We are Jane. Nutriquine (Cavalor) and European Horse Services (EHS) are world players in the field of nutrition, care and transport of sport horses. Pegasus Holding makes it possible for horses, riders and their team to spread their wings (even) further. All this under the passionate supervision of CEO Lieselot Hamerlinck.

Nutriquine (Cavalor) and European Horse Services (EHS) have long been preferred suppliers to many teams in the world's top equestrian sports. Nutriquine has built an international reputation with the Cavalor brand, which focuses on nutrition and care of sport horses. EHS is the logistics player par excellence. An expert team is ready, day in and day out, to organize international (air) transport of horses, including all sanitary and customs requirements. These companies merge into the new venture Pegasus Holding.

"We believe in the future of equestrian sports. This starts with passion and grows by joining forces and responding sustainably to trends and developments." Lieselot Hamerlinck, CEO Pegasus Holding, is committed to growth through diversification and commitment to riders and their teams. "I believe in unburdening our customers, the equestrian athletes, in the broadest sense of the management of their top sports stables. This is how we build the future of the sector and our companies.

Growth through diversification and commitment
Pegasus Holding puts the health and well-being of sport horses and their teams first. Our goal is to provide top athletes with maximum support in their sporting careers. The passion for horses and equestrian sports and similar visions, where quality and innovation are paramount, form the foundation of this partnership. The fact that this new venture will be led by CEO Lieselot Hamerlink means that investment company We are Jane is also stepping into Pegasus Holding.

"What typifies Nutriquine and EHS is not only that they are at the top of their markets but also that they already have a great history and have only strengthened this unique position over time." Thus Patrick Keereman, co-founder Nutriquine (Cavalor) and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pegasus Holding. " Bringing Nutriquine and EHS together especially broadens and strengthens the contact with top sport riders and their team. They are the showcase of equestrian sport worldwide. So Pegasus has all the assets to continue and strengthen the existing growth of both Nutriquine (Cavalor) and EHS."

The power of female leadership
Nutriquine and EHS are delighted that We are Jane is co-funding this new venture. We are Jane is the first Belgian investment fund 100% from women for women. Two strong companies with unique strengths, a nice growth potential and on top of that led by a female CEO, make We are Jane get on board. Lieselot was previously Managing Partner of Nutriquine (Cavalor) and is thus very experienced in the global equestrian market. On behalf of We are Jane, Conny Vandendriessche joins the Board of Directors of Pegasus Holding.

Rising to greater heights
Belgium ranks among the world's best when it comes to sport horses: among others, leader of the world rankings in jumper breeding and top trainers of Arabian Show Horses. Thanks in part to innovative and quality suppliers such as EHS and Nutriquine, horses can achieve the best results worldwide. The joining of forces of the companies Nutriquine and EHS to form Pegasus Holding strengthens the international position of equestrian sports, as well as the Belgian equestrian top-class status says Peter Bollen. Filip Vande Cappelle, founder of EHS, will eventually step down from the day-to-day operations of his company European Horse Services and, together with shareholders Nutriquine and We are Jane, will form the Board of Directors of Pegasus Holding.

About Nutriquine 
The roots of Nutriquine (Cavalor) can be found in the life science and agricultural sectors. Soon the focus shifted to the equine world and the nutrition, health and care of sport, breeding and recreational horses - under the Cavalor brand. As this brand continued to grow, Peter Bollen & Patrick Keereman took the initiative to establish an independent company called Nutriquine NV. Nutriquine NV was founded in 2003 through a management buy-out from Vitamex NV, with Lieselot Hamerlinck joining the company, in time as Managing Partner. Growth was also supported by a strategic partnership with Versele-Laga, which manages the production and distribution of Cavalor horse feed in EU and US. Nutriquine has built an international reputation with the Cavalor brand, which focuses on nutrition and care of sport horses. Supporting health and performance from within, through scientific research combined with a healthy dose of practical experience. Cavalor is now available in more than 50 countries. 

About European Horse Services (EHS)
European Horse Services (EHS), founded in 1991 by Filip Vande Cappelle, makes every effort to provide the best conditions for horse transport. EHS recently became the first horse transporter in the world to obtain the IATA CEIV-Live Animals Certification for excellence. This certification reinforces the company's commitment to the highest standards of animal welfare, safety and care. EHS has a modern complex with 106 stalls, including training facilities and fully equipped with cameras, which was approved and supervised by the FASFC. It also has a full fleet of state-of-the-art trucks in which horses are transported in optimal conditions.

About We Are Jane 
We Are Jane is the first Belgian investment fund 100% by women for women. The fund launched in June 2019 and amounts to 54 million euros, which was raised from institutional and individual investors. With this fund, Conny Vandendriessche (Accent Jobs, House of HR, Stella P), Muriel Uytterhaegen and Eline Talboom (both ex-Gimv) want to help SMEs continue to grow. We Are Jane does not only provide financial support, but is a strategic partner and can count on the input of a close community of entrepreneurs.