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Less than 5% of female entrepreneurs get funding. That’s not good enough. 

time to change the game

Our investors and portfolio companies form a thriving community.

give advice and share experiences

We believe in the power of interaction and interchange. 

It’s hard to keep track of what’s happening outside the world of your company. That’s why we capture market trends in finance & investing on our social media channels.

Our female entrepreneurs and investors are keen to learn from one another. That’s why we let them share experiences during fun & interactive events. 

And if one of our Janes does well? Then we all celebrate. Because every success – big and small – deserves a thumbs up, kudos or even an award!

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We are Jane

We actively | support & coach| the companies we invest in.

We are Jane

Jane's portfolio

Conny Vandendriessche - My Jane is
Conny Vandendriessche - We Are Jane

Serial entrepreneur, go-getter, rolemodel for female businesswomen

My Jane is… Jeanne d'Arc, a born leader in a man-driven world.

Muriel Uytterhaegen - My Jane is
Muriel Uytterhaegen- We Are Jane

Ex-Gimv, wide venture capital network, brings people together

My Jane is... Jane Campion, the fore-running director of The Piano.

Eline Talboom - My Jane is
Eline Talboom - We Are Jane

Ex-Gimv, queen of analytics, puts the dots on the I

My Jane is… Jaín Kim, the three-fold world champion at sports climbing.

Are you a Jane capture market trends
Are you a Jane share experiences
Are you a Jane celebrate successes

Are you a Jane?

A Jane is positive, open, and wants to make a change. Do you have a current turnover of €5 000 000? And do you want to leverage your company to a next level?

I'm that climber