Door vrouwen, voor vrouwen

By women, for women

With three founding women, We Are Jane is 100% female. For our portfolio, we target companies headed by a female CEO or with a majority of female shareholders. These hidden gems can rely on our broad expertise in entrepreneurship and investment, but also on the active support of our Jane-vestors. 

Read more about our step-by-step approach below.


Aanpak We Are Jane - Businessplan
Business plan

After signing a confidentiality agreement, we dive into your business plan. We gather all the information needed. 

Aanpak We Are Jane - First screening
First screening

What technology do you use? What is your business model? What’s the current market outlook – financially and otherwise? 

Aanpak We Are Jane - In-depth analysis
In-depth analysis

The famous due diligence. We also meet up with sector experts and potential investment partners. 

Aanpak We Are Jane - Investment decision
Investment decision

We would like to give it a go. We draw up a term sheet, which sums up the cornerstones of the final shareholders’ agreement.

Aanpak We Are Jane - Investment

Negotiation time. We draw up together a detailed contract. After a legal audit with positive outcome, we officially welcome you as a Jane. 

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